Our School - Rules and Policies

The central aim of school is to provide quality education for all students.

For this to occur, our school needs to be a place where every student can learn and grow with confidence. At Carlton South Public School, we believe students develop best where teaching and learning occurs in a context of positive student wellbeing. The nature of schooling is changing dramatically in response to our rapidly changing society, therefore our policies are relevant to all stakeholders and are constantly monitored, evaluated and updated.

Our policies provide the framework for the staff and community to cater for the needs of our students. We are committed to the maintenance of a positive school tone and the recognition of improved and continued good behaviour leading to the establishment and development of a secure and caring learning environment.

Our school seeks to provide for the staff, students and parents with a consistent structure for student management and wellbeing through the Promoting Positive Behaviour program. It provides the classroom teacher with executive support in promoting positive behaviour and establishes a framework where students are encouraged to reflect on the consequences of their behaviour choices.


School Policies

Anti-bullying Plan

Bike Policy

Good Discipline and Effective Learning Policy

Homework Policy 

Student Assistance Policy

Uniform Policy


Department of Education Policies

The Department of Education provides a policy library which contains all current operational policies in NSW. You can browse the current policies at education.nsw.gov.au/policy-libraryopens

For help accessing the new website, contact the School and Community Information Office on DECinfo@det.nsw.edu.au